The Kanon Ball Machine for Tennis Practice.

The tried and tested original Kanon machine has earned world wide acclaim since its introduction in 1975. With a Kanon automatic ball machine a beginner can quickly master the basics of tennis. More advanced players can programme the machine to simulate and practice a wide variety of game situations. 

Variable Frequency
Balls can be delivered at intervals of 2.5, 5,7.5 or 15 seconds.

Variable Velocity
By the adjustment of a simple control on the barrel, ball velocity is infinitely variable 
from 10km/h (6 mp/h) to 120km/h (75 mph).

Variable Elevation
The adjustable barrel allows deep baseline drives to high lobs.

Automatic Variable Oscillator
The machine will direct balls at variable or  pre-selected spots while maintaining
constant power and length.

Spin Adaptor
With a simple setting, the adaptor adds side to side, top to back spin to the ball.
It can also be set to deliver a slice either backhand or forehand.

Serving Simulator
To practice return of service. 

Cordless Remote Control
To start and stop the ball feed from anywhere on the court 

Former Wimbledon Champ Recommends Kanon Machines

Bob Hewitt ::  Coach, professional, 7 times Wimbledon doubles champ

“I have used Kanon machines in my coaching program for many years. 
The Kanon will feed balls with pinpoint accuracy essential for constant repetition when improving strokes. 

The automatic side-to-side oscillator and spin adaptor will introduce a more rigorous and demanding element into the session, combining footwork and agility into all the practised strokes. The serving simulator reproduces the service, forehand, backhand, or top spin to produce a good return, vital in any game. 

The Kanon is extremely useful for players and groups at all levels.”